How to Make Espresso Basics Shot at Home

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Please take a look at how to make espresso shots at home.

Check this brew guide below. It will help you make the Cherry Mouth Winter Warming Blend to its best.

How to brew Guidelines

Commercial Machine or a Good Home Machine

Brew ratio of 1:1.7

Example is for a Double shot Espresso

  • 23g of Espresso Grind coffee (fine)
  • 40g of espresso liquid (double shot)
  • 25 Seconds This means from when you push the button / pull lever until your 39-40g of espresso liquid is out you my have to adjust your grind to get this right

Home espresso machine.

The Key here is to really slow the flow down if you can adjust the grind, you need to adjust it so you have the oils coming out of the coffee not just dishwater… lol… If you are manually putting the coffee in the basket, try the calculation below

weight in the basket ____ x 1.7 = Espresso shot in grams/ milligrams

eg. 12 x 1.7 = 20.4 grams or milligrams

all this in 25 seconds if you can but it really depends on the machine set-up you have. If you get your 20g in 21 seconds you will need to make your grind finer to slow down the flow, but only make small adjustments at a time. 

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