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A Family Owned Business

My passion for coffee started back in 2008 when I first moved back to Melbourne after living overseas for several years, I saw that just about everyone was drinking coffee.

So I started to drink coffee too and I was quick to realise that some places made great coffee and some made quite frankly rubbish that I could not even drink.

So as a passionate beer home brewer I thought I  needed to change my beer habits to coffee, definitely a healthier option. As I was told I had type 1 Diabetes.

So instead of buying wheat, barley, hops and yeast I started to buying green coffee beans from local importers. Then I imported my first coffee roaster from North Coffee Roasters in China a small 500g sample roaster.

From then I just had to know and do more, I had to understand the whole process. I seem to attract amazing mentors by just putting myself in the right spot at the right time with an open mind and can do attitude, hence I have learnt amazing skills thanks to;

Scott Rao- I would say has the world’s best knowledge on coffee roasting.

St.Ali’s- on how to take a great roasted coffee bean and make a great coffee. Trust me you can still make a bad coffee with great coffee beans.

Craig Simon – who in 2020 while I was roasting at Criteria Coffee in Port Melbourne shared his passion and knowledge to improve my skills… An amazing fellow.. I learnt a lot in the very short time I had there..

Then to Cherry Mouth Roasters first warehouse at Maddox Rd in Williamstown  North (late May 2021).. It was a dark time for everyone in the world as a so called pandemic was on us and still is.

Coffee is one of those commodities that we are all still discovering so much about and learning how we can get the best flavours. I guess that is what I love most that it continues to challenge me to innovate.

I like to support local as I grew up in a small rural community. I think with the amount of milk that gets used in coffee we have responsibility to pick some great quality Australian milk from local farmers. You will find if you use great quality Australian full cream milk it compliments the taste of our coffee (you’ll definitely ditch the sugar) and be supporting local farmers, their families and their communities.

Meet our Wholesale Coffee Lovers

Tee and Coffee Mobile Coffee

Tee and Cofee Van


Mobile Coffee throughout Melbourne, Tee and Coffee can just about get anywhere awesome coffee and not to mention there ever revolving snacks, never a dull moment.

Zan Zanz Cafe
Fresh Panini's and your event Caterer

Well apart from being the BEST coffee shop with great food options, Zan is our little 3 year old man. The spiritual owner of Zan Zanz. We created Zan Zanz with so much love and we believe it shows via our amazing customer service, awesome coffee and yummy food for breakie and lunch.

volo Park

Volo Park
Cafe, Skate, Scooter Park, and COFFEE!!!

Volo Park, an indoor skatepark facility in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2021 by professional action sports athlete Matty Ceravolo.

Our facility is created for all action sports, riders of any age and riding abilities. With our huge variety of ramps and obstacles, Volo Park is the home of progression, learning and most importantly, FUN!

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